Tech News #1: Google Clips, Moisture powered robots, Coolpad sues Xiaomi, “Mann Ki Baat” on Alexa, Chrome mutes annoying websites

Google start selling it’s AI powered camera “Clips”

Google unveiled a new camera: Clips at Last October. Clips is a small device that uses artificial intelligence to take the right picture when it sees something interesting.

Google silently start selling of Clips in Google store. But the report says you have to join waitlist as it’s already out of stock in the next day. Also, It’s not available in India now.

Take a Look of Clips


Coolpad sues Xiaomi for allegedly infringing on three of its patents.

Coolpad group limited file case againstXiaomi for allegedly infringing on three of its patents. Coolpad’s patents are related to app icon management, notifications and system UI.

Coolpad is demanding that Xiaomi immediately be ordered to cease production and sale of products that infringe on these patents and pay for the economic loss due to the infringement.

According to ITHome, the cases have been accepted, but are yet to be heard in a court.


Moisture powered robots that can move without any need for a power supply.

The researchers are inspired by plants like pine cones that open and close depending on the humidity in order to ensure their seeds spread as far as possible.
These plants are able to do this due to multiple labels of cells where one layer are start responding to it tend to stretch where other layers remain static that creates one kind of motion.
The same motion techniques that use inchworm or snake for movement. This mechanism used in this tiny robots where, in contact with moisture, one layer swelled while the other stayed the same, causing the material to move. When it dried, the moisture-responsive layer shrank back to its original state, resulting in movement in the opposite direction.

The researchers say such devices could be used for military or industrial applications or even in the medical world.


“Mann Ki Baat” on Alexa

Mann ki Baat, the Indian radio programme hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is now available as an Alexa skill.

The new Alexa skill has been developed by Asian News International (ANI), a Delhi-based news agency.

This skill is available on all devices with Amazon Alexa such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Alexa-enabled-smart speakers such as Harman Kardon Allure and Eufy Genie.

The user can listen to all 36 previous episodes that have been aired since January 2015 in this skill.

All you have to do is, First enable Mann ki Baat skill by going on Alexa app or by voice command.

Then you can ask Alexa to play Mann ki Baat. Then Alexa will ask you for year and month of the episode of Mann ki Baat that you want to listen.

Or you can listen latest Mann ki Baat by simply Ask Alexa to play latest Mann ki Baat.


Google Chrome now permanently mute annoying websites

Google is releasing a new version of Chrome to users this week, and it includes a number of new interesting features. The best addition is the ability to mute entire sites that autoplay videos. There are a number of sites on the web that have decided to annoy users by playing videos that follow you while you scroll a page with the sound on. Instead of frantically closing the tab (or muting it) and swearing at your monitor, you can now just simply right-click the offending tab and mute the entire site for good. This replaces the previous “mute tab” feature that was only temporary.


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