Point your domain name to AWS EC2 Instance through Route 53

It looks like a bit tricky to point your domain name to AWS EC2 instance as it has no ordinary CPanel or Other simple interfaces to do that task simply. But using AWS Route 53 service you can do this very easily.

In this post, I’m going to show how to point your domain to AWS EC2 Instance through Route 53.

Before begins let’s assume that:

  • You have a registered domain name. Let’s take my domain name:
  • You have an EC2 instance running and that serves a web application.

First, we need some information about EC2 instance. For that, we go to our AWS Console

  • Go to and click on “sign in to console” from the right upper of the page.
  • After signing in, click on EC2 under Compute Service. Then click on Running Instances.
  • Here you’ll see the listing of all the EC2 instances in your account. Select your instance that you want to point.
  • On the lower part of the page, you’ll get all the details of your selected instance. Note down IPv4 Public IP that we’ll need in Route 53. (If you have elastic IP assigned in your instance use that IP whenever I said IPv4 Public IP in this post)

Second, Create Hosted Zone on Amazon Route 53

  • Open the Amazon Route 53 at
  • Let’s assume that you have no hosted zone created in Route 53 or in Simple, You use route 53 for the first time.
  • Click on Create Hosted zone. Enter your domain name i.e:, comment (optional) and choose Public Hosted Zone in Type Option.
  • Now you’ll get four NS record of your newly created hosted zone.

Third, Update your registrar with the Route 53 Configuration.

  • My domain name registrar is Bigrock. So I’ll show this steps as per Bigrock configuration. But almost all registrar have same configurations. Login to your Bigrock account and choose your domain name. (if you didn’t find your account then, go to Manage Orders > List/Search Orders and click on your domain name.)
  • Chose Name Servers under Domain Registration.
  • Enter/Update All the four Name Server Fields with the four NS record of your newly created hosted zone in the Route 53 and click on Update Name Server. That’s all for here!

Fourth, Create the DNS record sets in Route 53

  • Open the Amazon Route 53 at
  • Choose Hosted Zones in the navigation pane.
  • Choose the hosted zone that you create in the Second Step.
  • Click Create Record Set.
  • Enter www in name, Enter the IPv4 Public IP of your EC2 instance that you note in the First Step.
  • Rest options will be untouched, Just assured that type will be A – IPv4 address and click on Create.
  • Now, create an alias for your domain for that, Click on Create Record Set
  • Choose Yes in Alias and enter domain name i.e: in Alias Target. Click on Create.

That’s all Now check that domain should server the web page from your EC2 instance.

Few point to be remembered for this post:

  1. means your domain name that you purchased/have and you want to publish.
  2. you need a running EC2 instance that should be configured and serves webpage/s when you enter IPv4 Public IP of your EC2instance on the browser.
  3. Route 53 is chargeable (Even If you have the free account of the first year in AWS) and it cost you:
    $0.50 per hosted zone/month for the first 25 hosted zones
    $0.10 per hosted zone/month for additional hosted zones
  4. I’m searching for an alternate method to point the domain name to EC2 Instance without using Route 53 So that we can freely use our free AWS :p and Whenever I found that method I’ll post that here. So stay tuned.
  5. If you have any issue by following above steps just contact me by comment on this post or by other communications. You can find my contact details on my website.

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