Point your domain name to AWS EC2 Instance OR any other server WITHOUT Route 53

Point Domain without Route 53

As I said in my previous blog Point your domain name to AWS EC2 Instance through Route 53

I’m searching for an alternate method to point the domain name to EC2 Instance without using Route 53

So, Here it is! In this post, I will show a very easy method to point your domain name to AWS EC2 Instance OR any other server without using Route 53 or any other such services.

Let me explain first what actually Route 53 does.

Amazon Route 53 is a scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS). That points a domain name to the servers through the server’s IP address. It is a basic job of any DNS. Along with that Route 53 is capable to provide some advance level features to customers.

Now let’s see what we got when we register a domain from any registrar. (like, GoDaddy etc)

When we register a domain we got a domain name and some setting access of the purchased domain. The two most important configurations are

  1. Name Servers is a specialized server on the Internet that contains the location of the configuration file of your domain.
  2. DNS Management is a special and main setting of your domain name that tells the internet that if someone accesses this domain then where should they redirected.

So, when a traffic/request come to a particular domain name, then the DNS resolver (A internet service that handles all the request from the local computer to the internet) look into the Name Servers associate with that domain name for the DNS of that domain. The DNS contains the IP address of the server to where the request should land.

Every domain name registrar provides their Name Servers with the registered domain name where you can set up or configure the DNS of the registered domain name.

When we using Route 53 for any domain we need to change the Name Server of that domain with Route 53’s Name Server address (Third Step of the previous blog) that we called NS Records.

Then in Route 53, we configured the DNS of that domain name(Fourth Step of the previous blog).

Enough Theory! Let’s do the Tweaks.

As we are not going to use Route 53. We don’t need to change anything in Name Servers.

Find the DNS Management in domain name’s setting and goto the Manage DNS.

Add an “A” Record.

Left the Name field blank.

Put the IP address of your EC2 Instance or your web hosting in the Value

And Save. That’s all! Your domain should server the website from your server.

Again few point!

  1. Your server’s IP address should be static. So that if your server or instance restart your IP will not change else you have to change the A records whenever your server’s IP changed.
  2. When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. This is called DNS propagation. It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network. DNS propagation time is up to 24 Hours. But it varies.
  3. If you have any issue by following above steps just contact me by the comment on this post or by other communications. You can find my contact details on my website.


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